Thursday, March 20, 2008

And for the Tweenies...

Being a 4th grade teacher for seven years and having an eight year old daughter of my own, there's no doubt I know tween girls and what they like. They are such a great age, just little bags of giggles (with a sprinking of screeching and whining). My daughter's a little on the tomboy-ish side, but even so, she gets a little dazzled by all things pink and glittery...and make up? Forget it. Show her an eyeshadow case and she's looking like Cyndi Lauper in three seconds flat.

I checked out some great sellers and I've come up with a few things off Etsy that a tween girl would just die for (and maybe you would too!). Have a look!

Here is a sweet little bunny pendant from Buster and Boo ( She has tons of cute pendants that would be just right for a jewelry loving girl. These pendants come on a sterling silver bail and a cord necklace. Check out her shop for details on how to get free shipping!

These cute little caps are from LSK Crochet ( They come in baby and big girl sizes too! I have something from this shop and I just love it. Very cool stuff from a very nice lady!

I don't know what it is about these girls, but they either LOVE soap and perfume, or they don't. Mine is hating it. Either way, who wouldn't go for this adorable rubber duckie soap? It's from Kreated by Karina ( She has lots of really yummy soaps, lip balms, and other goodies in her shop!

And just a few more really neat goodies for the girlies:

From left to right:

A cute little pouch that would be perfect as a pencil case, from meanbean ( (she can't be that mean of a bean if she makes such cute stuff!)

Unique dolls from forensic ( I love their faces and the fabrics!

A pretty ribbon belt from The Accessory Lady ( She's got a bunch of other adorable accessories in her shop (she is the accessory lady, after all!)

Fun and funky hair flower from PamperingBeki ( ) ...who wouldn't feel like a goddess with this in her hair?

And last but not least, a rocking necklace from Tizzalicious ( !!

Now go shop!


Tizzalicious said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my necklace! :)

It seems like the image is on top of some of the others though, or is that just my computer being weird?

woolies said...

Thanks so much for featuring my pendants! They do make a perfect gift for a little girl, teen, or ANY age (think grandmom! I just gave one to my Mother in law, she loves it)
Nice Blog!!!!

lskcrochet said...

Thanks for including my crochet caps. You have a great blog and you inspire me! Happy Easter!

Bonny said...

What great ideas - and you're awesome for highlighting some of the other great sellers on Etsy - Kudos!

By the way, hate to do it to you but ... you've been tagged!

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about tweenies . . I loved when my daughters were that age. My youngest is 12 and is growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing your favorites for girls this age.

Crafty Ladies said...

Thank you so much for featuring my tweeny belt! :-). It is a difficult group to shop for. Wonderful ideas! Have a lovely day.

Liane Schmidt said...

Such a cute, fun and full of life post & blog.

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.