Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cloth Diapers ROCK!

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 1999, I considered cloth diapering. I researched the matter and the only options I really came up involved plastic pants and expensive diaper services. When I got pregnant again last year, I checked into it again, and boy have things changed! You wouldn't believe the options out there! No more visions of gramma scrubbing bulky, rectangular poo-catchers on a's cloth is innovative, comfortable, and perfect for the environmentally concious and/or frugal parent.

I knew cloth diapering would save me money, but it wasn't until recently that I really sat down and totaled it up. If my diapers resell for what I think they will (what I'm SURE they will), I will have spent approximately $200 diapering Evren until he's potty trained. Compare that to an estimated $2,000 to diaper in disposables! My figures don't take into account the extra washing and laundry detergent, but even with that factored in, I'm still saving a bundle. And I like saving bundles.
Aside from the money issue, there are several more reasons why I love cloth:

- Diaper rash is just a memory. The only case we've had in six months was the result of using disposables on an out-of-town trip. I love the idea of soft fleece up against my baby's skin.
- The cloth has been virtually odor-free. Now, this may change once he begins eating solids, but for the moment, we're enjoying fresh air. I never liked the way that wet dispoables smelled kind of chemically.

- They're CUTE! Fluffy baby tushies are extra adorable. Plus, cloth diapers come in all sorts of beautiful prints.

- They're more absorbant. We've had very few poo-splosions.

- They're good for the environment. It's pretty self-explanatory. No diapers sitting in landfills for 500 meeellion years. Some may argue that the water and detergent use has just as much of a negative impact, but actually more water, chemicals, and resources are used in the manufacturing of disposables than in the washing of cloth.
- They're super easy to use. Most people think of pins and plastic pants when they think of cloth diapers, but those days are pretty much history. Today there are diapers that go on and fit almost exactly like disposables and are virtually fool-proof.

A small warning though: cloth diapers are so cute that many moms find themselves addicted. Never fear, I'm here to fueling the addiction! *evil laugh*

Here are my favorite cloth diapers found on Etsy. I defy anyone to find any cuter. Seriously.
These little cuties are from GreenWayBabywear ( OR I've never seen the tie-on style before now! I bet they look just adorable on. Greenway also offers some lucious handknit organic wool soakers.

This flashy little number is from The Eli Monster( This style is called and AIO (all-in-one) diaper. It's works just like disposable, only you throw it in the wash instead of the trash! This shop has
bunches of adorable prints...definitely check her out!

Next, here are some beautiful fitted diapers from Wee Ones By Jajoc ( These are made from lovely soft sherpa. She also makes them in organic cotton and bamboo! These look so soft and lovely for baby.

OK, how adorable is this?! This little diaper is made from cotton thermal knit, and inside it's hemp/cotton fleece. As an added bonus, it also has a snap-in soaker for the super heavy wetter *coughMY.SONcough*. You can find this little cutie at New York Diaper Company ( OR

I wish I had these when my daughter was a baby! Maybe I'll try for another girl...ok, no I won't. But anyway, these little AIO's are super sweet. It's made from waterproof PUL outside with micro chamois and microfleece on the inside. Katnappies has more cutie-patootie AIO's in her shop! (

Thinking about cloth diapering, but not sure where to start? Georganne to the rescue! ( She offers a cute-yet-practical starter set that includes both fitteds and covers, plus a free doubler! She's also very accomodating for customs orders and has lots of other baby and mama-minded products in her shop.


Anonymous said...

They're all sooooo cute! I want them all...

dbz4 said...

Those are so cute! If I had to do-over, I'd definitely go cloth- I don't even use plastic grocery bags anymore!


Candice said...

Thanks for the info on baby diapers...while I don't have a baby yet I have always planned on using cloth diapers when that day comes, you have helped reinforce that thought!! I never even thought to look on Etsy for cloth diapers!

decadentdiamond said...

poo-splosions! hahah!!!

I love the diapers you showed, makes me so broody!

I'm so not ready for a baby yet though!!!

Melissa said...

This is an swesome article!!! I want to go cloth when I have a little one and many people have scoffed at me for it lol!!! But you defiantely make it seem more appealing : )

woolies said...

When my children were born, I looked into cloth diapering (REALLY wanted to do it), but it was too expensive. WOW I WISH I'd had these!!!!!
(they're both teenagers now....a bit old for diapering....)

TexasTesla said...

Poo-spolsians...I'm still laughing.

I wish those were around when my "baby" was born...5 years ago. We too looked at disposables, but they were nothing at ALL like these!