Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just a bit about me, in case you were wondering. Then we can get started with the good crafty stuff!

Hi, I'm Casey, and I'm a craftaholic. (this is where everyone says: Hi Casey!). I'm friends with all crafts, unfortunately for my husband, who frequently has to move a sewing machine to eat at the table, and constantly has to endure stepping on beads and headpins. My favorite crafts are scrapbooking, jewelry making, collage and decoupage, photography, and I'm just getting started with sewing, but I can tell it's a keeper. (Yay, fabric!)

On the personal side: I'm 29 years old, therefore I'm no longer celebrating my birthday. I'm married to the bestest guy in the world, Taykin, who I fell in love with in London and we'll soon be celebrating a decade together. I'm mom to Mehlynn, 8 years old, a sweet,smart, extremely creative and talented little girl who just lights up the room. And we recently welcomed a gorgeous little boy into our family, little baby Evren, who was born last August. There we all are up there in the corner. That was Christmas 2007.

I am an elementary school teacher with seven years teaching 4th grade in NC public schools. When I found out I was expecting Evren, we decided to have me stay at home with him for a few years. I'm enjoying being home, but for someone who's used to working VERY hard at her career, it's been quite a transition. In an effort to keep my brain from turning to mush, I'm on a crafting, blogging, Etsy-ing spree. I hope someone can use and enjoy what I put out there for you...tutorials, examples, thoughts and ideas, and handmade goodies for purchase.
Oh, I almost forgot...here's my Etsy address: http://acrossthepond.etsy.com/
Quiz: Can you tell why my blog and shop are titled "Across the Pond"? Think hard...a clue is in this post!


earth and sun folk said...

great blog so far :)
off to check out your shop...looks like lots of goodies in there!

Sheila said...

Looks like a great start! Umm, are you across the pond because your hubby is from "across the pond?" (like, the ocean?)

I can't wait to see what you come up with and have added you to my etsy blog blogroll!

Laura said...

Welcome to blogging. Great start.

iamnotadoll said...

yay for blogs!
keep it up and post often, i'll check back sometime