Friday, February 8, 2008


So, whilst browsing the postings at SMs, I see one titled "Last Day to Sign Up!" Since I never want to miss signing up for stuff that I will probably not follow through with, I jumped on the thread and found a link to "Thing-A-Day". The basic concept is that you commit to doing one thing per day for the entire month of February...wether it's cooking, crafting, writing poetry, whatever. Then you post your creations for everyone to see.

Here are my postings so far...I have kept up with it pretty well, although I had to really be creative with some of my postings. :)

And here are the links to my SMs friends' pages...
and Merlot:

Let me know if you're doing Thing-A-Day so I can watch you too!!


david santos said...

Hello, Casey.
Good posting.Thank you and have a good weekend

earmark said...

that is great - i would be out of things to do after a week... ha ha!