Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take-a-Look Tuesday and a SALE!

This week, I got a delivery of about 200 antique clock hands. They are gorgeous, and some of them are so detailed it's amazing.

My first thought for these clockhands was to make them into earrings. So that's what I did!

The ones that aren't suitable for earrings are being used to embellish my paper items, and I'll probably think of more uses on down the road.

Now, for the sale...
Mark my shop now because my sale is awesome.

Beginning Black Friday (11-28) and lasting though Cyber Monday (Dec. 1), I'm having a FILL-A-BOX SALE...

Fill a Prioroity Mail box with five items, and receive a special discount, plus it ships to you for free!

Fill it with five items from my paper section for $40.
Fill it with five rings for $50.
Fill it with five pairs of earrings for $70.
Fill it with five lockets for $90.

No matter what you choose to fill your box with, you're getting huge savings! Use the discount as many times as you'd like and make your mailbox overflow with loads of beautiful handmade goodies. Just make your purchases and mention "Fill a Box" and I will send you a revised invoice.

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Anonymous said...

I love the clock hands. Very unique! Sounds like you are having a great sale this week!